Deep Well Records

2017 - First Pan African Record - [1148m]

In 2017 drilling commenced on what would be at the time the deepest Pan African percussion drilling record. The hole started at 558mm in diameter and ended with a diameter of 127mm. The project took 3 months to complete. Controversy surrounding the project was that this depth was not achievable. Nardus Bezuidenhout, director of the group accepted the project and completed it successfully despite the controversy by experts who deemed it would be a failure. “We Are The Drilling Masters!”

2018 - Second Pan African Record - [1402m]

In 2018, Torque Africa broke its own previous percussion record by drilling to a depth of 1402m. The project took place in Beaufort West, Western Cape, South Africa. Battling harsh weather conditions and tight deadlines. Torque Africa successfully  completed the project at 1402m with a 140mm drill bit size. 

2020 - Deepest RC Hole In The World - [1019m]

In 2020, Torque Africa drilled the world’s deepest RC hole successfully in Amam, Northern Cape, South Africa. Reaching a depth of 1019m deep. This incredible depth was reached in merely 9 days of continuous drilling. To achieve this type of depths require meticulous planning, experience and knowledge on ground conditions. The project was led personally, as all others are by the groups director Nardus Bezuidenhout. 


Renergen Virgina Gas Project / 2020 - Present

Torque Africa has drilled multiple wells for Renergen, exceeding depths of 1000m at complexing angles starting at 30°. The first publicized well was P_007 drilled by the group. The current flow rate is higher than almost all other existing wells in the permit area, recording more than 200,000 cubic feet per day, one of multiple wells currently being drilled by Torque Africa Group.

The Virginia Gas Project comprises exploration and production rights of 187 000 ha of gas fields across Welkom, Virginia and Theunissen, in the Free State. The source of the Virginia Gas Project’s natural gas is primarily microbial. It originates from deep within the Witwatersrand Supergroup, via groundwater circulating through large faults and contacting bacteria deep within the earth’s crust. This means the methane is a biogenic and a continuing renewable resource.

Kinetiko Methane Gas Exploration / Amersfoort - 2021

Torque Africa drilled three methane gas wells – Korhaan-3, Korhaan-4 and Korhaan-5 – The exploration project was to test the gassy sandstones and coal bed methane horizons. Australian gas explorer Kinetiko Energy has encountered significant gas formations at all three Korhaan project wells in the northern Karoo Basin of South Africa. With harsh rainy conditions in the small town of Mpumalanga, Amersfoort. The team persevered and drilled through the tough weather and with the additional implementation of night shift to secure that our clients objectives would be reached, the 3- hole multi project was completed in time.


Gas Exploration

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