• Vital oil and natural gas resourcesVital oil and natural gas resources

    Vital oil and natural gas resources

    Torque Africa Group specializes in advanced onshore oil and gas drilling operations
  •  Unmatched precision, reliability, and efficiency

    Unmatched precision, reliability, and efficiency

    Our projects consistently deliver the best results through innovative solutions and exceptional execution
  • As drilling contractors, we pioneer future technologies and innovations

    As drilling contractors, we pioneer future technologies and innovations

    Our advanced techniques in water exploration ensure reliable access to vital resources

Established in 2014, we provide a wide range of specialized drilling services, including residential water wells and complex exploration for the mining and oil & gas sectors across Southern Africa and beyond.

Our overarching vision is to emerge as the leading drilling firm within the industry. We recognize that the utilization of appropriate equipment significantly influences the success of drilling endeavors. Hence, we prioritize continuous investment in research and development, integrating cutting-edge technology and equipment into our operations to ensure optimal outcomes.

Torque Africa Group upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering superior services and solutions to our clients. 

Nardus Bezuidenhout


“I believe that people are more valuable than machinery and equipment and that investing in someone’s growth is the most significant investment”



We are one of the pioneers in onshore oil and gas exploration in Southern Africa. We are committed to adhering to international standards and providing our clients with world class services

We provide sustainable solutions, ensuring reliable and eco-friendly power for diverse industries. Embracing these services promotes energy independence and a greener future for the Southern Africa

Provides comprehensive mineral exploration services, combining advanced technology with expert analysis from our in house geologist to uncover and evaluate mineral resources efficiently. Our tailored solutions ensure precise, reliable results, driving informed decision-making for our clients

Offering robust foundational support for various projects. Expertise in this field ensures high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

We ensure efficient resource extraction and water management to optimize operational productivity. Their expertise and advanced technology facilitate sustainable and cost-effective mining solutions tailored to client needs.

Geotechnical drilling services provide critical support for sustainable development by ensuring precise subsurface assessments. Our experience helps clients meet regulatory requirements while protecting the environment and ensuring project success.

From domestic water wells to high-volume technical wells, we offer a comprehensive range of services, backed by our extensive expertise in hydrogeology.

Utilizing six cameras ranging from 250m to 1000m, we capture wide footage that is skill fully analyzed and assessed  

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The Future of Drilling Technology: Innovations and Trends

Navigating Challenging Terrain: Torque Africa’s Expertise in Remote Drilling


Navigating Challenging Terrain: Torque Africa’s Expertise in Remote Drilling


We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

Contact us directly at  + 27 82 072 5058 or send us an email If you would like to receive a proposal for your project or simply get a quote.


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